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Shielding Gaskets Electraemc
The “Electra” EMC gasket system is an advanced solution for electro magnetic compatibility where safety, flexibility and EMI attenuation are your primary concerns.
The “Electra” fabric clad, foam gasket guarantees high levels of EMI attenuation through very low-impedance, metallised coatings.
Electra Sistemi specialises in metallised substrates. Our objective is to improve the quality, environmental compatibility and cost through an on-going research and development programme into the metallisation of fabrics, films, non-wovens and mesh.
Our gasket production offers both standard and custom designed products, with a flexibility to meet all of your technical requirements.

How to order:
· please specify the gasket profile in terms of width, height and length;
· square profiles are available on rolls or cut to length;
· please provide a drawing for gaskets cut to shape.